SensorPEDIC Silver Collection 100% Cotton Jumbo Pillow 2 Pack with Antimicrobial Protection

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  • SILVER-BASED ANTIMICROBIAL: Features proprietary silver-based antimicrobial treatment tested to provide a 99% reduction in bacterial growth protecting against stains and odors
  • ALL NATURAL COVER: 100% natural cotton fabric shell
  • 2 PACK VALUE: Set includes 2 jumbo sized pillows (20" x 28")
  • HYPOALLERGENIC FIBERFILL: Each pillow features 18 ounces of soft & lofty hypoallergenic fiberfill
  • Ideal for all sleep styles
  • RECYCLED POLYESTER: Fiberfill is made from recycled polyester helping conserve energy compared to virgin polyester fibers and limit plastics entering our world's oceans and landfills.