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500 Thread Count Tencel Fiber Bed Jumbo Pillow 2 pack

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Experience a more restorative night's rest and wake up refreshed with the SensorPEDIC 500 Thread Count Tencel Pillow 2 pack. These bed pillows are the pinnacle of luxury featuring 100% ultra-soft Tencel covers, a natural botanical fiber that adds optimal softness, coolness, and moisture wicking. With a silky smooth and lofty feel, these pillows are filled with a luxurious hypoallergenic memory fiber fill.

About Tencel:
Tencel is a botanic lyocell fiber that is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cooler than linen.
Pillows with Tencel resist the formation of bacteria because moisture is immediately transported into the inside of the fiber
Tencel moisture absorption also helps create an optimal skin climate for a cooler night's rest smooth and breathable