Restonic TempaGel® Max Cooling Pillow with Cooling Gel Beads - 2 pack

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This 2 pack of Restonic® TempaGel® Max Cooling Pillows provides exceptional comfort and temperature regulation with cooling gel beads suspended in our unique memory fiber blend. The innovative hybrid pillow design with the addition of cooling gel helps you stay cool through the night while the hypoallergenic, lofty memory fiber provides exceptional support and comfort for all sleep styles. The Max Cooling Pillows feature 100% cotton, 300 thread count covers with a classy Swiss dot pattern.

  • INNOVATIVE HYBRID PILLOW- This pillow is filled with a combination of hypoallergenic memory fiber combined with gel beads to provide lofty support with cooling therapeutic relief
  • THERAPEUTIC GEL BEADS- The addition of gel beads in the fill offers therapeutic, temperature regulating comfort
  • LUXURY COTTON COVER- The 300 thread count, all-cotton fabric cover adds a layer of smooth softness & features a classy Swiss Dot pattern for added luxury
  • PLUSH SUPPORT- The lofty fill in this pillow offers plush support for all sleep styles
  • MACHINE WASHABLE- Each pillow can be machine washed for lasting freshness