SensorPEDIC 3-Inch Ultimate Cooling Luxury Quilted Memory Foam Bed Topper

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Designed for a truly fresh and cool feel, this 3-inch memory foam topper features a plush top layer quilted with nearly an inch of ComfortCOOL Technology, a proprietary memory foam formulation proven to keep you 4 degrees cooler than conventional memory foam. The base layer of pressure-relieving, gel-infused memory foam provides supportive and restorative comfort while you sleep. Engineered for exceptional airflow, this topper adds another element of cooling comfort by combining our iCOOL Technology System with the VentAIR breathable mesh gusset, preventing thermal buildup through maximum ventilation. The fabric is treated with Ultra-Fresh for a hypoallergenic, antimicrobial surface, preserving your mattress toppers freshness night in and night out. The non-skid bottom keeps the topper in place so you can focus on enjoying a supportive and refreshingly cool sleep experience.

  • QUILTED FOAM LAYER- Luxurious quilted cover features ComfortCOOL Technology, a proprietary memory foam formulation quilted into the cover and independently tested to be four degrees cooler than conventional memory foam
  • SUPPORTIVE MEMORY FOAM- Therapeutic, pressure-relieving gel-infused memory foam maintains supportive comfort all night long while keeping you cool
  • BREATHABLE TECHNOLOGY- Engineered for maximum airflow, this topper combines ventilated memory foam and a breathable fabric cover for lasting comfort
  • MESH GUSSET- VentAIR breathable mesh gussets provide maximum airflow on the sides to keep you fresh and cool during the night
  • ANTI SKID BOTTOM- Non-skid fabric bottom ensures this topper stays in place atop any foundation
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Fabric Content: Face 100% Rayon; 100% Memory Foam Fill
  • Twin: 74"L x 38"W x 3"H
  • Full:74"L x 53"W x 3"H
  • Queen:79"L x 59"W x 3"H
  • King: 79"L x 75"W x 3"H
  • Twin XL: 79"L x 38"W x 3"H