Yoga Poses to Help Your Sleep Regimen

Yoga Poses to Help Your Sleep Regimen

I think we all have gone through a period where we have not been able to fall asleep efficiently. Sometimes, our thoughts constantly wander about upcoming tasks, when sometimes it can be a medical condition. Whatever the reason is, there is always a solution to the problem. One great resource that has turned out to be successful is yoga. Yoga is not only a fantastic exercise for the body, but it also utilizes all of your muscles to coordinate your breathing which, in turn, allows your body to relax. Even if you are not an experienced yoga expert, anyone is able to achieve these 5 helpful poses to achieve optimal rest.

Pose #1: Child’s Pose

This pose is one of the most popular and easiest yoga poses to do, because it allows your body to “sink” and your muscles to relax. How this pose works is that you rest your belly and chest against your legs while you stretch out your arms in front of you. Make sure your big toes are touching here. Put your head straight down while allowing your forehead to gently press against the yoga pad. Then, take continuous slow, deep breaths through your nose. This will allow your muscles and body to relax, which will help enhance your sleeping experience.

Pose #2: Supported Half Frog

Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds. A fun fact about this pose is that it can be performed form the comfort of your own bed! In this pose, you will begin by laying on your stomach (you can add pillows for extra support, if you want), and slowly extend one of your legs to the side and bend it at a 90-degree angle. Make sure that your knee is level with your hip and turn your head gently at the same direction as your bent leg. After your body is in position, slowly breathe in with your nose and out with your mouth for a few minutes. After the few minutes have passed, straighten your leg and do the same cycle with the other.

Pose #3: Supported Reclining Twist

This pose is not only one that boosts your health benefits, but this can also be performed from the comfort of your own bed. For this pose, simply lay on your back with both legs bent at 90 degrees. Make sure to keep your knees together and then slowly let them fall to the right. Once your legs are laying stacked, slip a pillow (or two) beneath your thighs. Afterwards, extend your arms out at shoulder level and move your head to the opposite side your legs are facing. Make sure to keep your eyes closed and abdomen relaxed and focus on your breathing. After breathing for a few minutes, switch sides and do it again. Feel free to switch sides multiple times if you choose.


Now that you have learned three prime yoga poses that will help your body relax before bed, you should be able to obtain sufficient sleep through the night with little interruptions. Who knows, maybe you’ll become the future yoga master! All in all, practice makes perfect.