Why Sleep Should Be Your Next Investment

Why Sleep Should Be Your Next Investment


Cars, Jewelry, Clothing, Shoes. These are a lot of the big ticket items that people like to spend their money on. However, we think not enough emphasis is put on buying a mattress, especially when you spend 1/3 of your life on one, and you'll keep one for up to a decade. While a mattress may not be the 'sexiest' purchase, you'll wonder why that is, after waking up feeling like a new you on a Blue Bed. 


You've surely heard the expression "the best investment is to invest in yourself", and that rings true when it comes to your personal well-being and health. If you ask, people might say the key to being healthy is eating right and exercising, but they often forget to mention sleeping well. Getting a good night's sleep is the best way to leverage exercise and healthy eating; without it, it doesn't do you as good, and it makes it that much harder to follow a healthy lifestyle. 


There are several studies and articles out there, stating that poor sleep negatively affects mood, pain thresholds, immune system function, and metabolism. Now if you're dealing with any related issues, imagine it improving, and all it takes is a good night's sleep.  Also, if you wake up with back pain, that could be attributed to your mattress not being as supportive as you need it to be. 


When it comes to work, other research has shown that making sleep a priority can help advance your career, as it can help with concentration, alertness, and problem solving ability. However not enough sleep is costly; American companies lose an estimated $63.2 billion in productivity related to sleep deprivation.  Some companies have seen this trend, and encourage taking nap breaks at work, with entities like Google going as far as to provide nap pods for their employees.  


With a lot of attention and study being done on the science of sleep, don't you think it's time you look at your own bedroom. What are you sleeping on? and more importantly, how are you sleeping on it? If you aren't completely satisfied, you may want to change your mattress; that's where we come in. At Blue Bed, we've designed four distinct mattresses, because one does not fit all, to fit every type of sleeper as well as their budget. Give us a try, and make an invest in yourself and your sleep; you'll definitely be happy with your ROI.  


Updated: 09/13/2019