What You Should (and Shouldn't) Eat Before Bed

What You Should (and Shouldn't) Eat Before Bed

It happens to the best of us: It's late, close to bed time, dinner was a few hours ago and now your stomach starts to growl. You can't go to sleep on an empty stomach right? Here's five foods you should (and five more you shouldn't) eat before bed. 



Most fruits are a safe bet before going to sleep, especially cherries. They contain melatonin naturally, which is actually an active ingredient in many sleep aids. They also lend themselves to be easily consumed in bed, because they're "popable"

Sweet Potatoes

Maybe not in pie form, but hey, beggars can't be choosers right. They're chock full of complex carbs that'll have you feeling full in no time. Plus, all that potassium relaxes the muscles.


Popular for breakfast, bananas should also have a rep as a late night snack. The high levels of potassium and magnesium act as nature's muscle relaxers.


Dairy contains calcium, which triggers serotonin, the body's feel good receptors to get you feeling nice and calm. There's also tryptophan in there, the same thing in turkey that makes you want to sleep. 


Like you need another reason to eat guacamole. They're chock full of magnesium (see above for benefits), and also everyone's favorite fruit. Eat avocados, just eat them. 

On the flip side, there's a few foods to try and stay away from before going to bed. 


Ice Cream

We wanted to give you the most painful one first. While there's dairy in there, the deadly combination of high-fat and high-sugar could led to a restless night. Also, you don't have to regret it in the morning. 


Did we say the most painful one was first? sorry. Alcoholic beverages can cause dehydration and many trips to the bathroom. No need to fear, just make sure to have your glass of wine alongside you're dinner and you should be in the clear by bedtime. 

Dark Chocolate

While everyone loves chocolate, not everyone can handle the effects of caffeine after dark. So make sure to enjoy it while the sun's still out, like an afternoon snack. 


After a long night out, there's nothing that hits the spot like a burger. Unfortunately, all those simple carbs will have you feeling sluggish, and not in a good way. A late-night pig out never hurt anyone though, right?


Ok, we don't think anyone is throwing fits over this one. Celery has a very high water content and is a natural diuretic (laymen's terms: it makes you pee). Stay asleep by avoiding it. 

There you have it, foods to eat, and not to eat, before bed. Got any particular foods that help you sleep or keep you up. Let us know in the comments down below. 

Updated: 09/13/2019