The Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

The Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Memory Foam is Great for This Extremely Popular Sleeping Position

Most adults tend to sleep on their sides. This fact comes to us from a recent study by the National Sleep Foundation, which found that 41 percent of adults sleep curled up on their sides in the fetal position. Adding to this figure, another 15 percent of adults sleep on their side with their legs outstretched and generally aligned with a straightened torso. Due to the great prevalence of side sleepers in the world, mattress manufacturers have made it a priority to cater specifically to this large demographic.

Mattress design for side sleepers took an immense leap forward with the memory foam revolution. Because they allow side sleepers to rest is supreme comfort, memory foam mattresses have encouraged people around the world to roll over onto their sides in the night. As a result, memory foam has likely provided a significant boost to the number of people who prefer to sleep in this natural and healthy position.

Why Memory Foam Mattresses Benefit Side Sleepers

Many of the issues that are experienced by side sleepers can be mitigated or eradicated by using a quality memory foam mattress. As the mattress review site Sleep Sherpa stated in a review of the Mattress, people can be said to “sleep in” memory foam mattresses rather than “sleep on” them. In other words, these mattresses will ideally take the pressure off traditional side-sleeper pressure points such as hips and shoulders. Memory foam mattresses also accommodate the natural curve of the spine to help foster great back health while you sleep. When you sleep on your side on a memory foam mattress, you benefit from a perfect combination of softness and firmness. By acquiring a mattress with medium levels of both of these attributes, you can ensure that:
  • The softness of the mattress will allow the hips and shoulder pressure points to sink into the memory foam, cradling them for maximum comfort.
  • The firmness of the mattress provides the support that you need to keep your spine in straight and natural alignment throughout the night

Beyond Side Sleeping

In addition to its great benefits for side sleepers, memory foam is also an excellent mattress choice for people who like to sleep on their backs or their stomachs. This is particularly good news for side sleepers who may occasionally shift their bodies to sleep in other positions over the course of the night.

Edited: 09/14/2019