The Benefits of Cool Bedding

The Benefits of Cool Bedding

Let’s face it – I think we all have gotten too hot at night and stuck our foot out from within the covers to feel the cool air of the air conditioner. However, it shouldn’t be that way. What if there was a way we could remain cool all night long? Great news, there is! Fortunately, there are multiple features of cool bedding that keeps our bodies cool while we sleep, and in this article we will touch on those features.

Some Key Features

Cooling bedding materials have the ability to control and maintain your bed’s temperature at night, which results in a higher-level quality of sleep. Each bedding product each has its own purpose of keeping you cool at night, but all together they create one amazing, relaxing experience.

Moisture Wicking is the process when fabrics have the ability to pull away moisture from the skin by using built-in capillaries. Once the moisture is drawn to the exterior of the fabric, it will then be able to evaporate easier. Our Coolmax, Nanotex, and MemoryLOFT products are specifically produced to provide that cooling comfort throughout the night.

Phase Change Material (PCM) is a temperature-regulating technology that is designed to absorb your body heat that is released throughout the night. The idea of the chemistry with PCM is that the material has a specific temperature range at which it activates, and when that happens heat is absorbed and then released later on once your body cools down.’s Cooling and Ideal Comfort Technology provides the phase change material that will allow a fully balanced night’s rest.

REACTEX is a new cooling technology that we recently launched that features a new state-of-the-art cooling technology for bedding, that will continuously store heat away from your body while you sleep using pressure activation. Featured under “Epic Chill Powered by REACTEX”, you will find products varying from pillows to cooling beds. You will soon find yourself dreaming peacefully sweat free.

Cooling Fabrics are cool to the touch, but load heat. When it comes to breathability, cotton is the top product on the market.’s SensorPEDIC Ice Cool Sheets and Pillowcases feature a luxurious 400 thread-count cotton-rich fabric that offers advanced technology to help you sleep cooler.

Cooling Gels provide the support while also maintaining a cooling experience throughout the night. Although most gels are more prone to storing heat,’s SensorPEDIC Cooling gelproduct line offers cool comfort that is ideal for all sleep styles. The iCOOL Technology System advanced ventilation fabrication process enhances breathability and is 5 times cooler than the leading competitor’s memory foam.

All in all, there are many options out there in the market when it comes to cool bedding technology. From memory foam to newer REACEX technologies, you cannot go wrong! Stay cool.




Edited: 11/15/2019