9 Science-Backed Benefits of Sleeping With a Dog

9 Science-Backed Benefits of Sleeping With a Dog

If you’re a dog lover, you likely don’t need a scientific study to prove the benefits of sleeping with a dog. The warm and fuzzy feeling of Fido drifting off next to you is enough to justify letting him under the sheets. However, some of us have partners who aren’t as pleased with a furry companion in the bed. If you need to prove just how great sharing your bed with the dog is, or you simply want to feel happy with your sleeping habits, you’re in luck! It turns out that the benefits of napping with your pup go far beyond the snuggle factor. In fact, snoozing with your four-legged friend has a slew of health benefits. Studies show that it’s good for your heart and can lessen your allergies. It boosts feel-good chemicals like oxytocin and serotonin and it also lowers your blood pressure. Moreover, catching z’s with your pup is scientifically proven to decrease your sense of loneliness and make you feel understood and protected. Pretty paw-some if you ask us!

A Better Night’s Sleep

Do you struggle with erratic sleeping patterns? The University of Missouri-Columbia found that getting close with your dog can boost serotonin. This chemical is essential to regulating sleep, so keep Fido close under the covers.

A Better Mood

Another benefit to your dog sleeping with you? It can lead to falling asleep happier. Researchers from Azabu University in Japan found that interaction with a pup can bolster your levels of oxytocin, an essential chemical in both feelings of affection and happiness.

A Healthier Heart

Cozying up with a pet is good for your heart. According to the American Heart Association, many dog owners had lower levels of dangerous triglycerides than their petless counterparts. So saving a pillow for your pup may even mean a longer life!

Reduced Stress

Life can leave us feeling overwhelmed at the end of the day. But more good news from the the University of Missouri-Columbia says that getting close with dogs also causes a drop in cortisol, a hormone associated with stress.

Reduced Pain and Discomfort

Feeling a little achy? Sleeping with your dog can reduce pain. Studies show that sidling up to Fido stimulates oxytocin, which can play a role in lessening physical symptoms of pain and discomfort.

Feeling of Security

If turning off the lights makes you worry, we’ve got good news. Research shows that a dog in your bed makes you feel safer. Patients surveyed at the Mayo Sleep Clinic in Arizona said that having a dog snoozing next to them increases their sense of security, which in turn makes it easier to fall asleep.

Lower Blood Pressure

Sleeping with dogs can be a vital part of your health routine. A study found that getting close with your furry friend corresponds with lower blood pressure. That’s a pretty good reason to let your pup get under the blankets!

Emotional Support

We all need someone to lean on after a long day. Luckily, more than half of surveyed pet owners said sleeping with a dog comforted them. After a long day, nothing will help you relax into bed as well as quiet bonding time with your pup.

Sneeze-Free Slumber

Cuddling with a pup early in life can reduce allergies. Studies suggest that little ones who sleep with a dog are less likely to develop allergies later in life. That means your children should snuggle up with Fido now to prevent sneezing later! Are you convinced to allow your dog in bed with you? Your dog may snore, kick, or twitch in his sleep, but snoozing with him sure has a lot of benefits.

Best Practice for Sleeping with A Dog

To keep things safe and healthy while sleeping with your dog, make sure he is clean and free of fleas. He should also be up to date on his vet visits and his nails should be trimmed to avoid unintentional scratches at night. You should also ensure that your furry friend has plenty of air, so avoid covering his face with blankets. Make sure he has access to water nearby, and finally, make sure you have a mattress big enough for all of you! Our triple layer memory foam mattress should do the trick. Its zip cover is also removable and machine washable, meaning any accidents on Fido’s part can be easily cleaned and forgiven.

Updated: 09/13/2019