#SleepBetter When You Use Sleep Cycle Tracking Apps

#SleepBetter When You Use Sleep Cycle Tracking Apps

Editor's Note: Part of our #BetterSleepMonth series on ways to sleep better.

When your alarm clock goes off, do you often feel like you've been jolted awake? That wrecked and groggy feeling that follows is not just rooted in a lack of sleep. A lot of how you feel upon waking is determined by when your alarm interrupts your sleep. According to a study on Mercola, sleep quality is just as important as sleep duration. When your dreams are interrupted by an alarm, there's no mystery as to why you feel terrible upon waking. Standard alarm clocks are set to go off at a specific time, taking no care of whether you're in deep REM sleep or light sleep. In fact, humans generally experience sequential 90-minute sleep cycles that are composed of light sleep and deep REM sleep, where most of the dreaming happens. Today we have our choice of sleep cycle apps that can track your sleep and gently wake you within a set time frame.

Sleep Cycle Tracking Apps

Technology has come a long way to where your sleep cycles can now be monitored through various apps.  Using the accelerometer in your smart phone or tablet, these apps can track how you move during your sleep. The more you move, the lighter the sleep phase. To make sure you wake up on time, simply ask the app to wake you up during the lightest phase within a specific time frame. For example, if you want to wake up by 6:30, set the alarm to go off at the best time for you between 6:00-6:30. You may be gently roused to consciousness at 6:14, but you'll feel more refreshed compared to being wakened at 6:30 during a deeper sleep phase.

Get the Best Sleep

Waking up gently and naturally according to your body's rhythm assures that you'll get quality sleep. Technology can help us achieve this goal by tracking our sleep movements and behaviors to wake us only when we are ready. Get an even better sleep when you combine sleep cycle apps and a high-quality memory foam mattress. When you're sleeping on a mattress that fits your body like a glove, you can get an excellent night's sleep. mattresses come with a 200-day no-risk guarantee, so why not give it a try?

Edited: 09/14/2019