Now Introducing: REACTEX Cooling Technology

Now Introducing: REACTEX Cooling Technology

It is an exciting time for, because we are launching our new REACTEX product line! REACTEX is a state-of-the-art new cooling technology that continuously stores heat away from you while you sleep. On, our new products will be featured under the “Epic Chill Powered by REACTEX” tab. We are thrilled about this new launch, and I know it will be a chilling surprise.

What is Epic Chill?

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The Superior Cooling Technology on the Market

The Epic Chill products on provide the highest level of active cooling in the REACTEX suite of technologies.

It Maintains Your Ideal Sleep Temperature through Pressure Activation. Wicked Cool.

Epic Chill products provide a pressure-activated cooling in approximately 8 seconds as heat is pulled and stores away from your body and help you maintain your ideal sleeping temperature at night.

They are Self-Recharging!

So not only does it regulate temperature for maximum cooling, but it also recharges itself when not in use. Talk about a 2-in-1 deal!

Wick and Flow

Epic Chill’s products are highly breathable which prevents heat from being stored. The breathability is what helps regulate the cooling and heating circulation when in use.

What is REACTEX? How does it work?

REACTEX’s cooling technology is something like no other. Usually when you sleep you are either one of two things: too hot or too cold. What if I were to reference Goldilocks and the Three Bears and say that we have made something that was “just right”? This is exactly what REACTEX provides!

REACTEX technology allows the sleeper to create their ideal sleep climate by controlling the heat energy flow and storing it away in order to remain cooler throughout the night. Through pressure activation, REACTEX technologies are able to store away and release heat periodically, providing a well-balanced sleeping experience.

What products are available under the Epic Chill brand powered by REACTEX?

·      Epic Chill Gel Fiber Pillow Powered by REACTEX (Jumbo/King)

·      Epic Chill Adjust-A-Cube Adjustable Standard Memory Foam Pillow Powered by REACTEX

·      Epic Chill Fiberbed Powered by REACTEX

·      Epic Chill Memory Foam Pillow

We cannot wait for you to dive deep into new and fun cooling technology that will revolutionize the way we sleep. Ultimate luxury has officially gone to the next level of comfort. 



Edited: 11/15/2019