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How Are Memory Foam Mattresses Packaged?

How Are Memory Foam Mattresses Packaged?

One of the coolest things about the bed in a box memory foam mattress is how they arrive neatly packed, right at your front door. This new, unique mattress and delivery concept has people talking…and rightly is truly fascinating!

How The Mattress Gets in the Box

Many customers are surprised when they learn that their huge memory foam mattress will be shipped directly to them and will arrive neatly bundled inside of the small box. If you are like most people, you are probably wondering how memory foam mattresses get in the box! Well, that’s a great question! Our Memory Foam Mattresses are carefully wrapped in protective plastic, then machine compressed to make them as compact as possible. Once they are flattened, they are rolled for efficient shipping to you. Every mattress is packed and shipped in an easy-to-manage box and is delivered right to your front door. See how memory foam mattresses get in the box in this interesting video showing the automated process used by Beds.


Updated: 09/13/2019