How Hot or Cool are Memory Foam Mattresses?

How Hot or Cool are Memory Foam Mattresses?

Sleeping Cool or Warm: Compare Memory Foam vs. Traditional Spring Mattresses

While many people relish a little bit of extra warmth while they sleep, others like to remain snug but relatively cool. For these people, memory foam mattresses have tended to present a significant problem. While traditional spring mattresses allow air to move around the body with relative freedom, memory foam mattresses tend to sleep hotter because memory foam (a substance that is otherwise known as viscoelastic) tends to stifle air and, therefore, trap heat next to the sleeper’s skin. As body heat rises during sleep, the memory foam mattress responds by growing even softer and more pliable. This causes the sleeper to sink deeper into the swaddling mattress surface, which, in turn, causes body temperature to rise even higher.

The Memory Foam Solution for People Who Want a Cool Night’s Sleep

Snuggling into a warm memory foam may sound like pure bliss to some. But what if you are a “hot sleeper” who appreciates the soft surface of a memory foam mattress, but doesn’t want to feel overheated and stifled? The innovative mattress designers here at have developed an advanced solution to this common problem. Maintaining all the comfort features of memory foam (contoured support, pressure-points relief, etc.), we offer a triple layer construction in our mattresses with layers specifically designed to address the complaints of people who would otherwise to sleep hot on memory foam mattresses. The unique design of the cooling memory foam mattress includes two distinct features:
  • A Breathable Latex Top – This is a great solution for to combat the highly unbreathable characteristics of viscoelastic. Comfortable and airy, this top layer of latex keeps the sleeper cool and sweat-free all night long.
  • A Layer of Cooling Gel – In addition to the breathable latex top,'s cooling mattresses feature a state-of-the-art gel swirl that is both comfortable and refreshing. It also further separates the sleeper from the mattress’ viscoelastic core.

Thanks to modern science, memory foam mattresses can now accommodate people who tend to sleep cold as well as people who tend to sleep hot. No matter who you are, you can find memory foam bedding that is right for you.

Updated: 09/13/2019