Flu Season Special: Sleep and Your Immune System

Flu Season Special: Sleep and Your Immune System

It is the prime time of year for the sniffles and cough drops. Your health is extremely important, not to only fight off diseases (Common Cold, the Flu, the Corona Virus, etc.), but to also make sure that you are able to obtain a sufficient night sleep. Believe it or not, your body needs sleep in order to feel better, because sleep allows your body to fully rest and rejuvenate before getting back into the swing of things. Now, we all know that getting sick is inevitable. So, what can we do to keep your immune system as healthy as we can so we don’t reach for the Kleenex box.

It's Time to Power Nap! 

To stay healthy and happy, especially during flu season, it is imperative to get 6 to 8 hours every night. If obtaining that amount of snooze is not feasible sometimes, then stock up on short, 30-minute power naps throughout the day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). Did you ever dislike nap time when you were younger? It is funny how things change. Taking short naps during the day is known to decrease stress and offset negative effects on your body such as sleep deprivation and exhaustion, which cause negative effects on your immune system. The weaker your immune system is, the more likely you will start sneezing. So, grab a pillow or your favorite chair and try out a 20-minute snooze during your lunch hour or right before dinner – a healthier immune system is guaranteed.

What is Your Favorite Song?

Do you play the alphabet or your favorite song in your head when you wash your hands? Doing this healthy tactic allows you to properly wash your hands and wipe away all of the germs that our hands collect every single day. Other healthy habits that you can do to keep the sniffles away is keep your distance from people who look like they are feeling under the weather. Stay roughly 3 feet away from them, a nice and respectable distance, to make sure you do not contract whatever they have. Additionally, it never hurts to get your annual flu shot, too!

You Gain Protein While You Sleep!

Cytokines are a type of protein in our bodies that target infections and inflammations and create an immune response to fight them. The best part of it all, is that we produce Cytokines inside and outside of sleeping. So, if you miss out on much-needed shut eye, then it is a double-whammy for your body to fight off infections and diseases. Unfortunately, without proper Zzz’s, the flu shot will not do much to help – it all starts with sleep.