New Survey Finds 2/3 of Women Are More Likely To Sleep With A Man If He Has A Comfortable Bed

New Survey Finds 2/3 of Women Are More Likely To Sleep With A Man If He Has A Comfortable Bed

Survey Finds a Man's Bed is a Factor in Sexual Attraction for Most Women

There is no denying it, beds and sex have been intrinsically linked from the time early humans began creating crude mattresses out of plant material & animal hides. Chances are, the vast majority of your “love life” will be conducted on a bed - and if you're a guy, there are an endless number factors that women consider when they're deciding whether or not they'll be spending the night in yours. Men have been trying to decipher those factors for probably as long as they've been sleeping on beds at all. Many of those men probably think that once they get a girl into the bedroom, she's probably already decided how far its going to go, regardless of whats in the actual bedroom. But according to a new survey conducted by Galore Magazine, that might not necessarily be the case. The survey asked 80 sexually active, heterosexual women between the ages of 18 – 25 years old, questions aimed at determining how a man's bed affects their sexual attraction to him, their ultimate decision whether they'll sleep with him, and their overall opinion of the guy. The results were rather surprising.

> 67%, ~2/3 of the respondents, indicated they were indeed more likely to have sex with a man if they found he had a large, comfortable bed.

> Nearly the same percentage said that they were less likely to have sex with a guy if his bed was too small or too uncomfortable.

> 70% of respondents indicated they would be more likely to sleep with a guy a 2nd time if his bed was comfortable the 1st time.

The numbers appear to clearly suggest that for many women, a man's bed is a strong factor affecting his sexual attractiveness & her overall perception of him. The participants indicated that they viewed the quality of a man's bed as a signal of his overall maturity, personal security, and life priorities. According to the results, a good bed can even potentially make up for other factors that may negatively affect a woman's opinion of him. The survey also asked the girls about the ideal criteria when it came to their sexual partner's bed. The following is a summary of how they responded.

When it comes to Beds & Sex, Size Does Matter

The most important component of a man's bed according to the women in the survey, was size. The participants indicated that anything smaller than a Full-size bed is a deal breaker. Cuddling is great, but sometimes you just need room to spread out without worrying about falling off or laying awkwardly on top of your bed-mate. While most adults have probably graduated from their Twin after leaving their freshman dorm - if you're still making do with your old high-school Double, its probably time for an upgrade. They also indicated that while a Full-size might suffice, "the bigger the better".  Queen-size or greater was always appreciated. It may cost a bit more, but think of all the extra room for activities! After all, who wants only the bare minimum?

Comfort is Key

Overall comfort was also definitely a contributing for the survey respondents.They preferred beds on the softer sized, paired with good quality, soft sheets & fluffy comforters. Additionally, memory foam or pillow top beds were favored over typical innerspring mattresses. (If you're looking for an ultra-comfortable bed she won't want to get out of, we suggest looking into  ;-)  )

Cleanliness is Crucial

Another very common response from the women was in regards to cleanliness. Most of the women indicated that cleanliness was very important, if not the most important factor determining whether they were going to stay the night, or make a quick getaway home. They expected sheets & comforters to be freshly washed, as well as stain-free.  Additionally, beds with any odor are apparently a big turn-off as well - so if you're one of those guys who thinks she appreciates your "man smell", think again. While you think you might be fine washing your sheets every few weeks & spraying some Fabreeze every now and then in between - that probably isn't going to cut it.   There is a scientific phenomenon, commonly known as "Nose Blindness" - which causes the human brain to ignore smells they're exposed to over an extended period of time. So just because you can't smell your bed, doesn't mean that she can't. Various bacteria, dust, & residue can build up on your sheets that can cause strong odors you might not even be aware of. We recommend washing your sheets at least weekly, using the hottest water setting (130 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit) and the hottest dryer cycle, to ensure all those stinky germs are killed. Additionally, that old mattress of yours has been building up millions of potentially smelly bacteria deep inside its core. Since you can't stick your mattress in the washing machine, those bacteria are generally free to grow unabated, and can be nearly impossible kill. That is why we strongly recommend getting a washable mattress cover, which provides an extra layer of protection to prevent those germs from penetrating the porous mattress material.

Creaky Beds Are a Turn-Off

Sex can be noisy, and sometimes that's part of the fun. However, the women in the survey said that the sound of a creaky bed or bed-bed-frame can be a turn-off, and distracting when they're trying to get in the mood. Innerspring mattresses are notorious for sounding like you're jumping on a trampoline during sexual activities. Certain mattress types such as Memory Foam, Latex, & Air Beds are able to better absorb some of the motion, & are far less noisy. Additionally, loose legs on an un-sturdy bed frame can be another issue - so make sure you tighten any screws every once in a while - or simply buy a sturdier frame. A stylish, low-to-the-ground platform bed frame such as the one below could be a good choice if your traditional 4-legged frame is the culprit.

Get Your Pillow Game on Point

The participants indicated that quantity & comfort of pillows was another factor they use to judge a sexual partner's bed. Women preferred beds where she was given more than one pillow. And that pillow should be large, soft, & sturdy. So if you're still rocking those old flimsy pancake pillows you've been breaking in for the past decade, its probably time to spring for a couple new ones for future co-ed sleep overs.

Get a Bed Frame!

The last notable point from the survey results, was that mattress on the floor was a big no-no. Even though you may look at a bed frame as an unnecessary expenditure, the women certainly appreciate the effort. Additionally, several of the participants mentioned that a headboard was an added bonus as something to hang on to when things get really heated (or even as a prop-hangar for some extra curricular experimentation). This anecdote from one of the women drives that point home, "I went to this guy's house once and his bed was on the floor. I pretended that my roommate had an emergency and left."

Our Personal Suggestions:

Being in the bed industry, we commonly get questions about what type of mattress is the best for overall sexual performance.  This question can be largely subjective, but these are some of our suggestions for some universal factors you might want to consider.
  • Bounce - Good bounce is crucial for an optimum performance bed. Sex can be tiring, especially if your mattress is absorbing all of your momentum - not to mention a bed with some bounce make for a more fun experience overall. While an innerspring mattress may tend be the most bouncy, we do not recommend them due to the potential for long-term back problems & less durability. But there is another good option - a latex bed, or a bed with a latex top layer can provide optimal bounce, without the negative effects of a spring.
  • Noise Abatement - Since women seem to care about noise, we again would advise against an innerspring mattress. Due to the sound dampening nature of Memory Foam, these beds are typically the best choice to keep the noise low-key (from the bed at least).
  • Comfort - Overall Comfort is of course one of the most important factors people care about when purchasing any bed. Based on the survey, women seem to prefer beds on the softer side, paired with soft sheets, fluffy comforters, & pillows.
  • Cleanliness - While much of bed cleanliness is obviously dependent on your personal hygiene & sheet washing habits, getting a bed with a made-to-fit, machine-washable mattress cover is a good way to prevent the build-up of smells & stains inside your mattress. Additionally, we recommend leaving the cover & all sheets off of the mattress for an extended period of time every once in a while to let it air out.
  • Heat Transfer - Something not mentioned in the survey, but something we all know from experience - there's nothing worse than sleeping with someone who seems to be radiating heat, then waking up drenched in sweat. A bigger bed allowing for more separation is obviously one easy solution here, however, the mattress material itself can also play a role in transferring body heat to your partner. Memory Foam beds have traditionally performed poorly in this department. 

So, if you were hesitant to spring for a new mattress, maybe this will be the motivation you need. If you're undecided which bed to buy - Mattresses not only have all of these features, actual customers have written to us telling us how hard it is to get their girlfriends out of the bed in the morning - it's that comfortable. Just something to consider if you're looking for something to jump start your love life.


Edited: 09/10/2019