Best Pillows for Back Sleepers

Best Pillows for Back Sleepers

The sleep position that we spend the most time in can have an effect on our sleep as well as our health. The position that we naturally sleep in can lead to discomfort or even pain during the day, including back pain, neck pain, and heartburn. Selecting the pillow that's right for our sleep position can help prevent our discomfort and pain and help us get the quality sleep we are after.

About 17% of individuals sleep primarily on their backs. This position, as with all sleep positions, has pros and cons. Sleeping on one's back can help prevent acid reflux and neck pain while keeping the spine aligned, but sleeping on your back is also associated with higher rates of snoring and sleep apnea. It is possible for back sleeping to cause lower back discomfort, too. It has been shown that those that experience poorer quality sleep spend more time throughout the nights on their backs than their sound-sleeping counterparts. Though many of us may naturally gravitate towards sleeping on our backs, we can take steps to try to alleviate and prevent discomfort by selecting a pillow that offers us the unique support that we need. Read on for tips for selecting the best pillow for back sleepers.

What makes a good pillow for back sleepers?

It is possible for our heads, necks, and spines to remain aligned while sleeping on our backs, but this may not be the norm. Many of us sleep with our heads either too high or not propped up enough. The danger in this is that when our head is lifted up or drops down, our spine becomes misaligned and ample tension is added to our necks and shoulders. The ideal pillow for back sleepers fills the space between your head and shoulders while supporting your head and neck in a neutral position.

Best pillows for back sleepers? is a new resource that is a one-stop-shop for all of your bed pillow needs. The site has many different types of pillows catering to a variety of needs, and these pillows come in three primary types: fiber fill, memory foam, and hybrid. Here are some ideal pillow choices for back sleepers in each of the three fill material categories:



The SofLOFT Fiberfill Density Pillows with Nanotex Coolest Comfort Technology is a great option for back sleepers who prefer the soft, plush feel of fiber pillows. These density pillows are available in a two-pack in many size options including: standard, queen, and king. Back sleepers need a certain degree of loft and support, and each of these pillows feature a 1.5 inch sateen gusseted sidewall construction with an option for extra firm. It is recommended to select the extra firm option, as it is filled with extra fiber fill providing the support and loft back sleepers need.  Also check out the  SensoSoft Embossed pillow which has a high loft, but slightly plusher comfort level than the SofLoft pillow if you're a back sleeper who does not like their pillows too firm.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is supportive and firm, making it a great choice for back sleepers. There are many types of memory foam pillows, and the choice in this category is ultimately up to the consumer because preferences for memory foam range greatly for back sleepers. Memory foam pillows that are made in the contour style and that have a divet for the head are generally recommended for back sleepers because they help keep the head and neck in a neutral position while providing pressure relieving support. Browse the variety of memory foam pillows on and look for those that have a contour shape. 


Hybrid pillows offer a compromise between the stiffness of memory foam and the fluffiness of fiber pillows. Most hybrid pillows are ideal for back sleepers that want the extra loft that a traditional memory foam pillow cannot offer. Look for gusseted hybrid pillows with shredded memory foam - these help combine the support of foam with the softness of fiber with a good amount of loft needed to prop back sleepers' heads up.

Back sleepers should take extra precautions to select pillows that offer support while making sure that one's head, neck, and spine stay aligned in a neutral position. Browse for a selection of pillows that back sleepers can benefit from today!

Updated: 09/13/2019