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Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Each of us has a favorite sleeping position. Your preferred sleep position is typically the position that you are in when you fall asleep at night. Some people move through a variety of sleeping positions throughout the night, but there is likely one that each of us gravitates towards. Our sleeping position plays a part in the quality of sleep we get. It is not uncommon for back and neck pain or even heartburn to be caused by the position we like to sleep in. Each position that we sleep in has pros and cons. No matter which position you prefer, being well-supported in this sleep position can make or break your sleep quality and even your overall health.

Stomach sleeping can cause the spine to become misaligned and put unneeded pressure on joints and muscles, often causing back and neck tension. In general, sleeping on one's stomach is not recommended by professionals, so it is even more important that stomach sleepers take the time to find the best pillow to support their unique sleeping style. An estimated 7% of people prefer to sleep on their stomachs. If that's you or a loved one, read on to learn about what qualities make the best pillow for stomach sleepers.

What makes a good pillow for stomach sleepers?

Because of the nature of the sleep position, while one sleeps on their stomachs their head and arms will generally be elevated, and one's neck will have to be turned to one side or the other to allow for breathing while sleeping on your stomach. Resting your neck to one side and having one's head elevated too high are what causes the misalignment of the spine common in this sleeping position, so it is imperative that the neck and spinal column are properly supported. Stomach sleepers need supportive yet thinner, flatter, and lower profile pillows as compared to people who prefer other sleeping styles to help prevent the neck from being strained. If you've ever gotten a massage, strive for this alignment as you sleep on your stomach - head propped up enough to support breathing but allowing for your neck to remain straight. Softer pillows are also highly recommended for stomach sleepers.

Best pillows for stomach sleepers

If you're a stomach sleeper looking to enhance your comfort and support so that you can boost your quality of sleep and health, check out for all your pillow needs. Three primary types of pillows are on the market: fiber fill, memory foam, and hybrid, which combine memory foam with fiber. Here are three fantastic picks for stomach sleepers from each of the three categories:


Fiber pillows are often softer and more squishy than their memory foam counterparts. A flat, low profile soft fiber is perfect to give stomach sleepers the support and comfort they need. Check out this two-pack made with hypoallergenic fiber and natural cotton covers for comfort that helps set your mind at ease.

Memory Foam

We're all familiar with the support memory foam pillows offer. Memory foam pillows often come in differing firmness levels, so make sure to select a soft to medium firmness for your pillow. Flat, "knife-edge" memory foam pillows are preferred to those in contour styles or those that have gussets on the side, which make them thicker. Try the variety of memory foam pillows catered towards stomach sleepers on - including those infused with lavender, copper, and eucalyptus for natural wellness boosts.


The Gel Fusion pillow offers a unique compromise between memory foam and fiber pillows for those that like the support that memory foam offers but the fluffability of traditional fiber pillows. This pillow is available in a two-pack and combines a memory fiber blend with cooling gel beads, helping stomach sleepers stay even more cool all night long.

No matter what type of pillow you choose, from fiber to memory foam or a combination in a hybrid, it is important that stomach sleepers pick pillows that offer low profile support to prevent health concerns and discomfort that can come from sleeping on your stomach.

Updated: 09/13/2019