Best Mattress for Snoring

Best Mattress for Snoring

If you've gotten complaints that you snore, what do you do? First, you should know that you aren't alone. According to the Sleep Foundation, approximately 90 million adult men and women of all age groups snore. Thankfully we have specific mattresses that help control those constant snores throughout the night.

Your First Step

It is vital to go to a doctor for a diagnosis of the cause of snoring and a treatment plan. Snoring cannot be 'cured,' but it can be controlled and minimized. Some people sleep with a CPAP machine, which can keep the airway clear. Others try doctor-recommended changes in lifestyle, including losing weight and avoiding alcohol before bedtime. Finally, you can greatly improve your rest by changing how you sleep and what mattress you use.

What is the Best Mattress for Snoring?

Sleeping on your side is recommended by many experts to reduce snoring. This position straightens up the airway, especially at the throat level where most of the sound of snoring occurs. However, side sleeping can become quite uncomfortable on some mattresses. You may find that your current bed forces your spine to twist uncomfortably. It's entirely possible to find some relief from snoring, along with a new set of back aches and other problems that are triggered by substandard mattress materials. This is especially true when sleeping on the commonly encountered coil spring, latex, and air chamber mattresses. All three of these designs, regardless of how firm or soft they claim to be, will create pressure points and uneven suport along the length of your body. What is a better mattress design?

Many people have discovered that the best mattress for snoring relief combined with a solid night's sleep is a memory foam mattress. This material offers the ideal balance of support, sinking under the wider parts of your body such as the shoulders and hips while maintaining gentle pressure on the vulnerable lower back and neck. This action aligns the airway and allows you to sink into a deep, restful slumber. How does it work? Memory foam is a high-tech substance that yields just the right amount when exposed to the warmth and pressure of a sleeping body. That allows it to create the perfect fit tailored to your body every time you lie down. It also has a number of other advantages that can benefit you in the long run. For instance, memory foam does not feature any independent parts, such as coiled springs, that may break or jab you painfully as the mattress ages.

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Updated: 09/14/2019