Best Mattress for Hip Pain

Best Mattress for Hip Pain

When your hips are hurting, you need to do everything you can to get comfortable. Sleeping on innerspring mattresses can inflict disproportionate pressure upon your hips, especially if you're a side sleeper. Since your weight isn't evenly distributed on these traditional mattresses, you can wake up with more pain. Innerspring mattresses can also sag and lose their shape, which results in poor support for your body. To heal from hip pain, sleeping on the right mattress will make all the difference.

Overall, the best mattress for hip pain is one that fully supports your back and diverts pressure from your hips. Traditional mattresses are made like a "one size fits all" garment. But since everyone has a unique body with diverse sleeping positions, the best mattress needs to be adaptable to variation. Which mattress fits this bill? You'll find what you need in a memory foam mattress.

Why Memory Foam is Great for Hurting Hips

Memory foam was created to respond to your exact weight and body heat. It then molds to your shape based on these unique factors. As a result, your spine will be perfectly aligned and your back will be fully supported during sleep. Your hips ultimately benefit from this ergonomic sleeping posture because no undue pressure or lack of support can place pressure on your hips. When your spine is aligned and pressure isn't allocated to just one zone of your body, your hips can get some relief. Just like swimming underwater frees joints from the strain of gravity, memory foam helps your body take a load off by distributing support equally.

The best part about memory foam's cradling sensation is that your body won't sink too far into the mattress because it was designed to be strong in spite of its flexibility. After all, it was invented by NASA for the comfort of their astronauts. Today, commercial pilots also sit on memory foam seats during long flights. Therefore, memory foam must be strong enough to bear the weight of its occupant for an extended period without losing its integrity.

Sleep on the Best Mattress for Hip Pain

If you want a mattress that's good for your hips, you should consider trying out a supple yet strong memory foam mattress. has a vast inventory of mattresses and sleep solutions to help you get the best night's sleep for your hip pain. Trying out our mattresses is easy when we offer a 200-day no hassle return policy.

Edited: 09/14/2019