The Best Mattress for Heavy People

The Best Mattress for Heavy People

When it comes to mattresses, weight matters. In many ways, a person’s weight impacts their sleep quality and long-term health. For this reason, a mattress capable of sustaining such a weight is important. In general, heavy individuals should purchase a mattress which is at least 12 inches or thicker. They should, however, take the time to understand the factors contributing to year-to-year spinal issues as a heavier person. Below, we discuss the factors surrounding mattress shopping as a heavier individual.

What is Classified as “Heavy,” “Large” or “Overweight?”

These are general terms, but they apply to sleepers above 200 pounds. Not every sleeper who’s over 200 pounds is overweight, however. Regardless, those over this weight limit will need to purchase a mattress which can support up to at least 300 pounds.

How are Obesity and Sleeping Linked?

Several studies support the positive benefits of sleep, in terms of weight management. WebMD has covered the topic extensively, concluding that sleep loss makes individuals more prone to obesity. Covered by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey I, over 9,000 participants were weighed and studied based upon their sleep schedules. Participants who slept five hours per night were, on average, 73 percent more likely to suffer from obesity.

Why Does Mattress Type Matter?

Individuals over 200 pounds may “bottom out” when sleeping on an insufficient mattress. Edge support, too, is important. A mattress with good edge support can supply strong, stable sleeping conditions. The best mattress for heavy people will have a low heat retention, too, so as to accommodate for higher body temperatures dispersed over large areas. While heat mass doesn’t affect all sleepers negatively, it’s commonly associated with less sleep.

What’s the Best Type of Mattress?

Spring beds with many coils shouldn’t be a primary choice. Springs wear down, and heavier weights can compromise a spring bed’s structural integrity. So, in most cases, a memory foam mattress is ideal. Memory foam mattresses disperse an individual’s weight, supporting their body evenly while reducing any obesity ailments. Memory foam mattresses also combat centralized heat masses. For this reason, individuals who suffer from nighttime overheating often invest in memory foam to stay cool. mattresses ensure comfort, high-quality sleep and healthy night-to-night schedules. Even if you’re not overweight, even mass distribution counts. Take charge of your sleeping schedule, and don’t neglect your body’s recovery needs. A comfortable bed can make all the difference in the world, and it can reduce the likelihood of many long-term health issues.

Edited: 09/14/2019