Best Mattress for Athletes

Best Mattress for Athletes

Why is sleep so important for athletes?

As an athlete, you likely know that eating a well-balanced diet and taking part in healthy workouts are both key to your athletic potential. Equally important, however, are your sleeping patterns. The better rest you get, the better you will be in regards to your physiological and cognitive capabilities. To ensure you maximize your performance, it is imperative that you are combining healthy amounts of exercise with healthy eating patterns as well as good sleeping patterns. Athletes tend to live extremely active lifestyles, meaning sleep becomes a luxury to them. Squeezing in a just a few hours of sleep each night might seem like a difficult task to achieve, but the importance of quality sleep should never be overlooked. If you endure a sports injury, sleep and rest become even more important.

As you begin to get less and less sleep, you will notice that your ability to recover from a sports injury is greatly reduced. You will also notice how a lack of sleep negatively affects your day-to-day athletic performance. To achieve optimal muscle recovery as well as enhanced central nervous system relaxation, you need to be getting a good night's rest. With the right mattress, you can enter into a deep phase of REM sleep, which will help your muscles to relax and will maximize the production of natural growth hormones in your body. The hormone that is produced is needed to burn fat and help you build muscle mass; this is why it is so important to make sure you invest in a mattress that is helping you achieve a quality night of rest.

What features should athletes look for in a mattress?

Knowing for empowering the mind and body, quality sleep is key to achieving your full athletic performance potential. With the right mattress, you can maximize the sleep you get; however, it is imperative to understand that not all mattresses are the same; this is why you should carefully consider which mattress works best for you. As an athlete, keep these features in mind when shopping for a mattress.


Sure, a firm mattress is going to provide more support, but you also need to assess how comfy the mattress is. If it is so hard that you can barely fall asleep on it, then its firmness won't be a big factor in helping you achieve better athleticism. If you like to sleep on your back, it is suggested that you invest in a mattress with medium firmness. For those of you who sleep on your side or have been injured, a softer mattress is recommended.


A mattress with the right support will help with spinal alignment. Remember, your muscles and can only relax when your spine is in proper alignment, so investing in a mattress that promotes healthy spinal alignment is crucial to making sure you are getting the most out of your sleep. As you shop for a mattress, make sure you buy one that provides optimal support and comfort. 

Edited: 09/14/2019