Best Cooling Mattress & Tips to Sleep Cool

Best Cooling Mattress & Tips to Sleep Cool

A comfortable cooling mattress is essential for a good night's sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, people sleep best in a room as cool as 60 - 69 degrees Fahrenheit. They suggest thinking of your bedroom as a "cool, dark cave." Before sleep, the body's core temperature drops. Increased core temperature at the wrong time disrupts the sleep cycle, so a mattress that is too warm can result in a raised body temperature, restlessness, and waking in the night.  So how do you choose which is best?

Overall Tips for Finding a Cooling Mattress

If you're shopping for a mattress someone who sleeps hot, there's one of factors to consider: 

See how the manufacturer describes their cooling attributes in the mattress' construction. Every mattress will list its features and benefits. If you don't see cooling addressed to your liking, you may be at risk of purchasing a mattress that sleeps hot.

The Importance of Cooling in Memory Foam Mattresses

As a manufacturer of memory foam mattresses, we know that memory foam is the ideal mattress choice over other types, but we also recognize that a main drawback for many consumers is that they feel memory foam mattresses sleep hot.  There's definitely some truth to this, as some memory foam manufacturers put cost savings over comfort and use cheaper materials that lack any cooling attributes in the mattress' construction. Given this, it is super important to assess the cooling attributes of a memory foam mattress before purchasing and take advantage of the trial periods to understand if the mattress really works for you.  Fortunately, with new cooling technologies, you can certainly find a cooling memory foam mattress like the Bed and enjoy all the benefits of memory foam without waking up feeling too hot in the middle of the night.

What to Look For in a Cooling Mattress

Cooling mattresses and gadgets fall into two categories: active and passive. Active cooling may involve mattress pads with built-in electric fans or air conditioning. Some involve smartphone controlled ventilation systems.  These are very effective but can add significant costs in addition to the purchase of a mattress. There are a number of excellent passive cooling mattress technologies that provide cooling without the added expense and adding another electronic gadget in the home.  Here are some examples of cooling technologies to look for, all of which are contained in the Bed:
  • Open Cell Memory Foam: this type of foam is far more breathable than the alternative closed cell variety; however, you should look for this cooling feature to be combined with others as this alone will likely not be enough to keep you cool
  • Cooling Gel Infusion: made from gel particles and memory foam, this technology increases airflow and reducing the heat of the mattress
  • Plant Based Materials: foams made from natural materials like soy are inherently more breathable as they have an even larger, open cell structure than traditional memory foams.
  • Cooling Cover: circular-knit mattress covers are known to be more breathable than those that aren't.

    Choosing a mattress made from the right materials means that no one needs to choose between support and a comfortable temperature.

Other Tips to Sleep Cool

In addition to the right mattress, set the bedroom thermostat a little lower. As mentioned, 60 - 69 degrees is an ideal temperature range. Some find that daily exercise, especially outside, enhance their ability to sleep well. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that people with insomnia exercise at least three to six hours before bedtime.  The rise and fall of core temperature may help regulate the body's internal clock. In addition, a warm bath 90 minutes before bedtime also may help. Both of these may reset the body clock. Before sleep, the body's core temperature decreases. The warming sensation followed by a cooling sensation may mimic the natural response as long as it isn't too close to bedtime. By choosing the right cooling mattress and implementing other good sleep hygiene habits a restful night is possible. Bed's offers cooling mattresses using eco-friendly, made-in the-USA materials arranges strategically for restful comfort.

Updated: 09/14/2019