Are Memory Foam Mattresses Worth the Extra Cost?

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Worth the Extra Cost?

A question that shoppers often have when searching for a new mattress is that if memory foam mattresses are worth the initial investment. Contrary to consumer impressions, memory foam actually costs just as much or even less than inner spring mattresses while offering superior benefits like:
  • Pain Relief through proper spinal alignment
  • Relief from allergies
  • Little to no motion transfer
  • Durability
  • Generous Trial Periods

Relieves Pain Through Proper Spinal Alignment

When pressure is placed disproportionately upon your body, you can end up feeling sore the next morning. Body aches and pains are common when you use a mediocre mattress that does not properly support your body's unique shape. Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, support your entire body without applying too much pressure to any area. This enables your spine to be perfectly aligned, which helps prevent pain and promotes better sleep. To prevent or help treat spinal problems that can result in expensive medical bills, start sleeping on a memory foam mattress today.

Relief From Allergies

Memory foam mattresses are typically made of non-organic materials like polyurethane foam and synthetic fibers. Since dust mites prefer organic bedding, those who sleep on memory foam won't face as many allergy issues that stem from dust mites.

Little to No Motion Transfer

Traditional spring mattresses make it difficult for couples to sleep soundly due to one partner's movement disturbing the other. Memory foam mattresses, however, make it possible for a person to toss, turn, and get into bed without shaking the other person who is already in bed. This can spare couples many disagreements while also giving everyone a better night's rest.

Great Durability

Memory foam is more durable than the materials of traditional spring mattresses and can last 10-15 years. Since a wise investment involves buying a quality product with longevity, why not make your mattress one of these great buys?

Try Before You Buy

Pretty much all bed-in-a-box companies, including, include a trial period of at least 200 nights. This means that you can try out any of the memory foam mattresses on the market with no risk to your finances. If a mattress doesn't work for you, simply contact the company and get a refund.

Edited: 09/14/2019