7 Ways To Make A Studio Apartment a Home

7 Ways To Make A Studio Apartment a Home

If you've lived in a big metropolitan city, either in the U.S. or even abroad, there's a good chance that your living quarters were tight. If that's the case, it can be hard to make it warm and cozy. Here's 10 ways to make a studio apartment, or a small living space, a home.

1. Add Some Greenery

Plants are a great way to add life, color, and fresh air into a small space. Depending on how much maintenance you want to do, you can change out fresh flowers regularly, or get a tiny houseplant that you'll only have to water regularly. Don't have a green thumb? Get a tiny cactus you'll barely have to care for. 

2. Let in the Light

This can be natural light; avoid bulky and heavy curtains that take up a lot of space or make a room darker. Also, be smart with light fixtures. Get a reading lamp, or maybe some track or recessed lighting that focus on special parts of the apartment. 

3. Use Rugs 

When there's an open space without walls, it can be hard to define spaces in a studio. Rugs can help you carve out spaces for lounging, or a runner can create transitional spaces. They also add a splash of color, and allow you to make your space unique. 

4. Paint 

Now this one might be tough, as its up to your landlord, but if you're allowed to paint, you can really transform your space to make it your own. While painting a whole room might seem nice, switch it up by painting just two opposite walls the same color, or maybe just the window frame. 

5. Have Multi-use Furniture

Have furniture that has dual purpose. Maybe a bed with storage underneath. Or a flip-down dining room table that can save space when not in use. An ottoman/storage/step stool/end table. Anything that can pull-off double duty and look good is a winner.

6. Get a Bookshelf 

Bookshelves are awesome. Not only can you store you books and other things in them, but they can act as a divider, depending on their height and witdth. 

7. Get A Moveable Island

In a studio, you'll like have a long piece of a wall as a kitchen, with little storage or counter space. Address both and make your kitchenette feel like a kitchen with an island on wheels. Not only will it give you storage and counter space, but you can move it around to create space or use it as a bar cart. 

Living in a small space doesn't have to feel cramped. Using these seven tips will make your space feel much bigger. Got any other space saving/space maximizing tips? Share them in the comments.