7 Bedroom Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

7 Bedroom Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your bedroom? Is it too messy (from no fault of  your own of course)? Too small, dark, or is the Feng Shui off? Here's a handful of bedroom hacks to make your life a little more comfortable. 

Add Shelving Up High 

For more of a project you can install shelving around the perimeter of your bedroom. It would add a ton of extra space, and can actually look really great if you keep what you store up there nice and tidy.  

Maximize closet Space 

"I have too much closet space" said no one ever. If you think you've ran out of closet space, think again. Organizers that go on the back of the door can hold shoes, socks, and accessories. S hooks can be used to store pants, and baskets on the floor of the closet can be used to organize other small items. 

Give Your Bed (Multi)Purpose 

Probably the thing that takes up the most area of a bedroom is well, the bed. Wouldn't it be nice if all that space underneath, within, and above the bed could be used for storage. Think creatively when choosing a bed, especially when it comes to the headboard, which can double as nice artwork or a bookshelf. 

Come to the Light 

If your bedroom isn't bursting with natural light, try to place somewhere to sit on the area that is. That way, you'll maximize your exposure to exiting light, giving you the best place in the room to read a book or just get lost in your own thoughts. 

Hang Your Light Source 

Unless you have a ceiling fan with a light, most people chose floor lamps or desk lamps which take up valuable real estate in your bedroom. Combat this by hanging lights. It can be a creative DIY chandelier, or modern track lighting. Also consider attaching lighting to a wall in lieu of the ceiling. 

Get a Mirror That's More Than Meets the Eye

You need a mirror. You need storage. Why not have both? Think those classic mirror medicine cabinet combinations, just on a bigger scale and holds your scarves instead of ibuprofen.  

Pegboards, Corkboards, or Galvanized Steel Boards 

This one boils down to personal taste, but boards that you can attach things onto are extremely versatile and customizable. Depending on which route you go, you can have several looks that flow it the rest of your room, from retro to craftsman to industrial. 


Got any bedroom hacks of your own that you'd like to share? Make sure you let us know. 

Updated: 09/13/2019